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Basic - Gent

From €150

This course is aimed at beginners and hairdressers who want to learn or perfect men’s cutting, barbershop techniques, shaving and beard trimming/tidying.

If you would like to know how to advise on different styles of beards or how to achieve perfect gradients, then this is the course for you.


Masterclass Creative Team
28-29th January

2 intensive days, where we will present our last ladies & gent collection done by our creative team in Anthony Llobet.

We will develop and work with different styles, haircut techniques, beard cuts, color and styling. 

Everything under the philosophy “Anthony Llobet” , where you might learn how to make a cocktail, some yoga poses or a DJ might visit us and we will discover the last tricks in music and more surprises…

A very complete and interactive master.


Basics - Colour

In this course you will discover everything about colouring and reinforcing your techniques.

Want to know how to get a pastel colour and perform a ‘Tie & Dye’?

This Basic Colour Course is for you.

Colouring / bi-colour / bleaching / colouring techniques


Basic - Ladies

In this course you will learn all the basics of cutting ladies hair, right from beginner level. Are you a beginner or a barber with no experience of cutting ladies hair?

Do you want to learn various techniques such as cutting fringes, how to blowdry and style or perfect the Bob hairstyle technique?….

Then this is the course for you.