Basics Color

In this course you will discover everything about colouring and reinforcing your

Want to know how to get a pastel colour and perform a ‘Tie & Dye’?

This Basic Colour Course is for you.

Colouring / bi-colour / bleaching / colouring techniques

Teachers: Katerina/Sofia 

Weekly course 2-3 hours- Morning or afternoon

Individual attention in small group of 5-6 people maximum.

Who is this course for? –

  • Beginners who want to learn all the basics of colouring.
  • Hairdressers (low-medium level) who want to reinforce one or more modules.
  • Barbers who want to learn about feminine hairdressing.
  • Hairdressers who want to learn to ‘Tie & Dye’ in pastel colours.

Course description

This course is composed of 3 modules:

It takes a total of 15 sessions to complete the entire course.

Minimum of 3 sessions, you can choose to do them in a single module or take a session in each module!

Module 3 sessions require an intermediate level (beginners must have completed
modules 1 and 2)!


  • Module 1: Colour keys, colour scale, application, partitions.
    Theoretical and practical.
  • Module 2: Compatibility between colours, two colour, discolouration.
    Theoretical and practical.
  • Module 3: Classic highlights/lo lights?, Tie & Dye, pastels, pre-colouration and discolouration.

Sessions are held once or twice a week.


No minimum level is required to complete the course, but if you are a beginner you
must have completed modules 1 and 2 before completing module 3.


Combs, brushes, hair dryer, hairclips, mannequin head and the desire to learn..

Still need to buy your things? We help you choose which to buy and where!

How does it work? – Course / module / session

You can buy the entire course or the number of sessions you need.
(Minimum purchase of 3 sessions)

  • Price of each session €75.
  • 3 sessions €225
  • 6 sessions € 450

Offer Total Course Price Colour:

15 sessions – €949  instead of €1125 (vat included)

Some colours are perfomed using a mannequin doll. Colour can also be performed on real models, depending on the student’s level.

The purchase of a mannequin head is required (market price)

A single mannequin head will last for several sessions.