Basics Ladies

In this course you will learn all the basics of cutting ladies hair, right from beginner level.

Are you a beginner or a barber with no experience of cutting ladies hair?

Do you want to learn various techniques such as cutting fringes, how to blowdry and style or perfect the Bob hairstyle technique?….Then this is the course for you.

Basic cut / bob / basic + graduation / finishes / fringes

Teachers: Ondra/Miquel/Simone

Weekly course 2-3 hours – Morning or afternoon

Individual attention in small groups of 5-6 people maximum.

Who is this course for? –

  • Beginners who want to learn all the basic of ladies cutting.
  • Hairdressers (low-medium level) who want to reinforce knowledge in one or more modules.
  • Barbers who want to discover female hairdressing.

Course description

This course is composed of 5 modules:

Each of the modules is 3 sessions with a total of 15 sessions to complete the entire course.

Minimum 3 sessions – you can choose to do them in a single module or complete a session in each module!

Modules –

  • Module 1 Cutting Basics:
  • Module 2 Graduation:
  • Module 3 Bob:
  • Module 4 Drying / Finishing:
  • Module 5 Fringes: master the various techniques of fringe cuts

Sessions are held once or twice a week


No minimum level is required to complete the course.


Combs, scissors, hair dryer, hairclips, mannequin head and the desire to learn.

Don’t have your equipement yet? We can help you choose which to buy and where!

How does it work? –Course / modules / sessions

You can buy the entire course or the number of sessions you need. (Minimum purchase 3 sessions)

  • Price of each session € 50
  • 3 sessions- €150
  • 6 sessions- €300
  • 9 sessions €450

Total price of the Ladies Basic Course:

15 sessions (38 hours) – € 599 discounted from €750 vat included

Most cuts are performed on a mannequin head. The purchase of a mannequin head is required (we can help you buy these at the market

A single mannequin head lasts for 3/6 sessions