Having natural, comfortable, fast and affordable extensions is possible!

100% European natural hair. We work with a great collection of high quality, natural extensions that are easy to maintain.

We work exclusively with the”Easy-Fix” extensions technique, however, our team will advise you on the most suitable service for you, according to your lifestyle and how you want to wear them.

Our extensions are a great solution to correct aesthetic aspects such as lack of volume, hair loss, lack of hair growth, or simply a desire for longer hair.

Servicio “Easy-Fix”

“Easy-Fix” service:
100% natural European hair extensions with adhesive fixing Rapid fit in less than 2 hours for an entire head / Comfortable to remove / No damage to capillary fibre / Reusable.



  • €250 for an entire head
  • Preparation, cutting and drying included.
  • Colour service is also available
  • Contact us for a consultation


The extension service is performed in a private room within the academy however you can make any enquiry at any Anthony Llobet Salon.