Frequently asked questions

How long are your courses?
Our courses vary in length depending on the course type. Our workshops generally run for 2-3 hours, our professional courses are generally 2 days and our beginners courses vary from 1 week to 1 year.

Where will I stay in Barcelona?
There are many options for accommodation in Barcelona, depending on how long you are staying here for. Once you have decided which course you are taking, we can help you with your accommodation needs. Please contact us for more details.

How do I reserve a course?
You can reserve your place by emailing us – or by calling us on +34 663 336 399
Depending on the course type, we may require a deposit.

How do I pay for a course?
You can pay for your course using Paypal or by bank transfer.

How many people are on each course?
Our courses are developed for small groups to promote better learning and will usually have no more than 12 people in attendance.

Are materials included?
This depends on which course you are taking. Usually for our professional courses, you will bring your own cutting and styling kit. For beginners we will suggest all the materials that you will need to get started in your new career. For workshops all materials will be provided. Each course summary will detail materials required and whether they are included in the price.

Which language are the courses taught in?
We tailor make our courses depending on the language needs of each group. As a general rule, courses will be taught in both English and Spanish. We have the ability to also teach in Swedish, French and Catalan.

Can I study Spanish at the same time?
YES! We highly advise you to learn Spanish whilst you are here in Barcelona. We have arrangements with a number of language schools in the city and can help you arrange a course in your local area.

Will I receive a qualification or diploma?
You will receive an Anthony Llobet Hair Academy diploma for each course that you take with us.

Do I need to have experience already?
This depends on which course you are taking! For professional courses, we would expect that you have already qualified and that you are looking to increase your skills. For beginners, no experience is required, but we would expect you to be enthusiastic and positive. Each course summary will detail the entry level requirements.

Do I need to bring my own model?
This depends on the course that you are taking. Generally, we will supply the models. If you know someone that would like to become a model for our trainings, please email

Can I pay for the course in instalments?
Yes! Once you have decided which course you are taking, we can make arrangements for you to pay by instalments. You will not be able to attend a course until you have fully paid the course fee.

What do I wear?
We do not have a uniform policy. You can come dressed in casual, comfortable clothing.

What do I need to bring with me?
A big smile and the motivation to learn and do a great job!